What's Happening at Wylie Farms

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About Us

Getting Started
Our family began the Longhorn journey when our son decided to show Longhorns. He showed both standard and miniature horns. He began training them for breeders and then showing them with Great Success. He currently still trains for many breeders.

Our Longhorns
We are a small family farm located in Muenster, TX. We are a breeder of Texas Miniature Longhorns which are all with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association (TLBAA) and International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA). Longhorns that are registered insure the purity of the breed. The purpose of the Associations is to protect the unique heritage of the Texas Longhorn, to preserve the purity of the breed and to promote Texas Longhorns as a distinct breed.

Miniature Longhorn Cows are 45” or less at the hook at maturity. Miniature Longhorn Bulls are 48" or less at the hook at maturity. Our goal is to breed Miniature Longhorns that are all 42” or less with most being between 38” to 40”.

We love the different colors and distinct look of Longhorns. Each one is different from the next! Each one born is truly a surprise.